It's a magnet for
new clients

Your friendly ContactLink will attract more leads inbound, and every one gets a quick response – even when you’re busy.

ContactLink gives new clients everything they need to stop shopping around and start working with you.  

Bring In More Clients

You’re the one they want to meet.  You’ll get more inbound leads and meetings when they can see you’re easy to reach.

From Anywhere

Start conversations from anywhere – your website, your marketing emails, your social media posts.  

Lower Your Stress Level

You’re always in the loop on new conversations, but we’ve got you covered when you’re busy or out of the office. 

It’s All Baked In

An easy, intuitive experience that integrates with your other sales & communication tools.

Engage with quick replies

ContactLink has smart automations and team sharing so every new call or message gets a quick response.

You’re always in control of the conversation, but you’re never on the hook to answer a call or message. That’s how you tame your inbox and get control of your workday.

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From anywhere

ContactLink lets you start conversations from anywhere.  From a chat bubble or webform on your site.  From your marketing emails.  Your Twitter & LinkedIn profiles.  

Start conversations from anywhere you can put a button, a link or an iFrame. A URL redirect. A Zapier or a Webhook.  

Don’t settle for a contact form that only goes in one place – ContactLink goes everywhere!

Puts the Buyer in the Driver’s Seat

Your old contact form tells new clients, “someone will contact you.” ContactLink lets them book a meeting, send a text message, or send an attachment.  

That’s how ContactLink converts more leads into meetings and new clients. Instead of sending them away, ContactLink lets motivated buyers keep moving forward.  

Ready to see how it works?

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“For years I turned off notifications on my phone and text messages so I could be more productive at work. The thing is, I was also missing important business calls, which was costing me money.

With ContactLink my customers know they can reach me directly—and I can leave my phone on all the time knowing I’m only getting the communications that count.”

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Antoni Deighton

It’s all Baked In

ContactLink includes calls, text messaging, video meetings, appointment scheduling, video messages and more. 

It’s all together, so it’s easy for clients to use. And your team has all the context they need to reply. 

Video meetings include all the messages and attachments sent to and from that prospect. So you’re prepared for the meeting, automatically. 

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Integrates with Your Existing Tools

ContactLink is designed to work with your existing tools:  your email marketing, lead capture forms, scheduling software, CRM and more. You can even bring your own Calendly link or Zoom meetings. 

ContactLink lets you convert more leads without giving up the systems that are working today.  And it’s ready to grow with your company as you add more tools.  

“If you want to make it easy for your prospects to reach you, try ContactLink. It cleverly combines a scheduling link with video calls and instant messaging, all in one place.”

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Harris Kenny
Founder of Intro

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