Your new calendar link is an AI assistant

ContactLink does more than your old calendar link – chatting with inbound leads, asking for the meeting, setting the agenda, and even handling cancellations and rescheduling. 

You can focus on clients instead of calling and emailing leads.  All in a simple link that you can set up and start using today!

Get More Leads

ContactLink turns website visitors into new client meetings, with friendly video contact forms, auto-replies and booking links. 

Live AI Responses & Chat

You don’t have to be “on” all the time.  Our AI is there to ask the right questions and get meetings on the schedule for you. 

AI with No Worries

Never worry about what your AI is telling the customer – you can see every message in real time and add your input if needed. 

No CRM Needed

You don’t need a CRM to get live AI.  We put everything into a simple link!  (You can also connect your CRM if you have one).  

Easy setup - like a calendar link

You can set up your new link with basic AI in just a couple of minutes – it’s as fast and easy as a calendar link. You don’t have to import all your contacts or change CRM’s  

When you’re ready, cut-and-paste our widget into your website, and paste in your website or FAQ’s so the AI can answer more questions and save you more time.  

Staff using a calendar illustration
Employees using various devices illustration

Speed Wins More Leads

New leads don’t wait for you to call or email back – 42% of small business leads are gone before they get a response.  That’s why instant AI chat is so important. 

New leads just need a little information and a nudge or two so they can turn into a new client meeting.  

AI doesn’t have to be perfect – it just has to be fast and responsive to book you lots of new client meetings. 


Prepared for Every Meeting

ContactLink includes video meetings – with all the emails, messages and attachments already in the meeting chat. So you’re always prepared for the meeting.

The “Meet Now” button lets you turn a phone call or text message into a video meeting, instantly!

ContactLink lets you record and send video messages to clients, which is more friendly & effective than calling and leaving a voicemail. 

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Video meeting

“For years I turned off notifications on my phone and text messages so I could be more productive at work. The thing is, I was also missing important business calls, which was costing me money.

With ContactLink my customers know they can get a response now—and I can stay productive.”

Antoni Deighton Headshot
Antoni Deighton

See everything on the go

ContactLink includes a mobile app, so you can check in with new leads and keep track of messages when you’re out of the office.  

You don’t have to rely on your cluttered email inbox – ContactLink puts new leads & new clients into one streamlined App so you can close more deals.  

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Integrates with Your Existing Tools

ContactLink is designed to work with your existing tools:  your email marketing, lead capture forms, scheduling software, CRM and more. You can even bring your own Calendly link or Zoom meetings. 

ContactLink lets you convert more leads without giving up the systems that are working today.  And it’s ready to grow with your company as you add more tools.  

“If you want to make it easy for your prospects to connect try ContactLink. It cleverly combines a scheduling link with video calls and instant messaging, all in one place.”

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Harris Kenny
Founder of Intro

Includes everything you need

All the Communications

Protects Your Time

Smart Auto-Responses

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