Everyone's on the same page

Stop looking in 5 different places for customer emails, text messages, meetings and video messages.

ContactLink puts all your customer communication in one place, easy to find and shared with your team.  And shared with the customer, so they’re on the same page too!

Get More Leads

ContactLink turns website visitors into new client meetings, with friendly video contact forms, auto-replies and booking links. 

Never lose a message

Checking to see if your email arrived is a thing of the past.  ContactLink takes out the uncertainty for you and the clients. 

Anyone Can Respond

ContactLink lets anyone on your team see incoming leads and messages, and get a quick and accurate response to the client.

From Anywhere

You and your team can call, text and email clients from any computer or using our mobile app.  From anywhere in the world!

All-in-One for Easy Setup

You don’t have to set up a separate contact form, calendar link, chat system, business phone & text, video meeting service, and team communication software. 

ContactLink is all-in-one, so you set it up once, and use it everywhere. New clients all come in the same way, so it’s one click to call, text, email or meet.  

ContactLink lets you skip the hours of setup and integration, and start capturing more leads, delegating to your team, and winning more clients. 

Staff using a calendar illustration
Employees using various devices illustration

Guaranteed Delivery

New leads who aren’t sure if they reached the right person will bounce to another vendor.  42% of website leads are lost exactly this way.  

ContactLink gives new leads exactly what they want – delivery of their message to a specific person at your company.  And they can book a meeting, instantly!

Now they’re waiting for you, instead of bouncing away.   

Better Video Meetings

ContactLink includes video meetings – with all previous emails, text messages and attachments available in the meeting chat. So you’re always prepared for the meeting.

The “Meet Now” button lets you turn a phone call or text message into a video meeting, instantly!

ContactLink lets you record and send video messages to clients, which is more friendly & effective than calling and leaving a voicemail. 

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Video meeting

“For years I turned off notifications on my phone and text messages so I could be more productive at work. The thing is, I was also missing important business calls, which was costing me money.

With ContactLink my customers know they can reach me directly—and I can leave my phone on all the time knowing I’m only getting the communications that count.”

Antoni Deighton Headshot
Antoni Deighton

Mobile app

ContactLink includes a mobile app, so you can take your calls, messages and meetings with you when you’re out of the office. 

ContactLink includes a phone number for calls and text messages, so your team anywhere in the world can send a USA-local phone call or text to your clients. 

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Integrates with Your Existing Tools

ContactLink is designed to work with your existing tools:  your email marketing, lead capture forms, scheduling software, CRM and more. You can even bring your own Calendly link or Zoom meetings. 

ContactLink lets you convert more leads without giving up the systems that are working today.  And it’s ready to grow with your company as you add more tools.  

“If you want to make it easy for your prospects to reach you, try ContactLink. It cleverly combines a scheduling link with video calls and instant messaging, all in one place.”

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Harris Kenny
Founder of Intro

Includes everything you need

All the Communications

Protects Your Time

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