About Us

The Founder

Hi, I’m Jesse. I’ve run software companies for more than 20 years. I started ContactLink after being told too many times, “Someone from our team will contact you…”

It was frustrating — not knowing who would contact me, or when, from what phone number (so I could pick up the phone) or if it was even going to happen. 

As a business owner, I saw leads disappear and talk to the competition. We tried calling leads back faster, and faster. But since customers didn’t know the phone number we were calling from, they didn’t pick up the phone.

We tried chat and call routing  to get website visitors to talk to a chat-bot or the “first available” person. But that’s not who they wanted to talk to! Customers couldn’t start buying until they met their “who”, the expert who could solve their problem.

We designed ContactLink to connect buyers with the experts who can solve their problem. The first time, with no interruptions. From anywhere in your funnel, as soon as you know which expert to match them to.

Our History

My team and I have been putting the “human” in technology for almost 20 years.

Before ContactLink, we founded and grew Extracon Science, a SaaS platform for gamified employee health programs. 

Our clients included employers and insurers like Highmark BCBS, Mars Foods, Costco Wholesale, Sutter Health, Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare, Red Bull, UCSF, the University of Phoenix, and many more.

Our programs and incentive rewards helped hundreds of thousands of people to get more steps and physical activity, eat healthier foods, improve sleep quality, quit smoking, and manage conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Start with Why

I believe everyone needs to understand their “why” to have a successful business and a rewarding life.  I’m building a future where technology serves people, not the other way around.

Today, most phone calls and emails are simply robots trying to get attention from humans.  Text messages are going the same way.  ContactLink is our way to make communications human again. 

I’m raising two daughters in Memphis, Tennessee and they give me new reasons to believe in the future every day.

Jesse with daughters