Accelerate Your Sales With Video Calls & Messages

Put your ContactLink on your website, email signature and business cards to engage prospects and stop the no-shows. They can video call you, book an appointment, send you a text message or a video message - all from one link. Demo Video

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Your Best Contact Info Is a Link
All-In-One Contact Info + Scheduling

Why are 20-35% of Calendar Link bookings a no-show at the meeting time? Because they wanted to talk right then, and your calendar link forced them to wait.

A ContactLink is a drop-in replacement for your old Calendar link, that does 10x more to help you sell. ContactLink gives your customers all the options: voice and video calling, text and instant messaging, secure email, and appointment scheduling all-in-one.

No Big Changes

Works with your existing CRM, sales & marketing systems.

Easy for Customers

No need to download, join or set up anything - It's all in the browser.

Use ContactLink to Reply

And customers get a regular call, text or email from you.

42 billion

robocalls placed
nationwide in 2020


emails sent are spam

1.5 billion

spam emails sent daily

$20.5 billion

spam related costs
to businesses in the US.

Links Work. Phone & Email Don't.

If you're using a Calendar link, you've already noticed: your best leads come in from your link - not from the phone & email on your website.

Qualified prospects prefer links because they work every time. There's no doubt, it just works.

ContactLink gives them the same confidence, without waiting 2 or 3 days for a meeting.  They know you're engaged, because they can see when their message arrived and even when you've read it.

ContactLink lets your most qualified prospects contact you faster, while keeping everything that's great about calendar links.

Example view of a video call
Image, Man waving
Image, woman waving

Better than a Zoom Meeting

ContactLink launches video calls and meetings right in the browser. Your customers don’t need to download or install anything. One click, and they’re face to face with you. Plus, they can send emails and text messages from the same link.

A video call on Day 1 helps you win the customer. You can close the deal while your competitors are making them schedule an appointment for tomorrow.

Links For Business Cards & Signs

Put a QR code on your business cards, brochures or yard signs. Show people you meet the QR Code in the ContactLink App.

They can open their phone’s camera and follow the link. No more fumbling with your phone to type in a new contact. No more typo’s and lost business cards. Just scan and go!

Use a barcode to get anyone's contactlink
Use a barcode to get anyone's contactlink
Example messaging

Ever Regret Giving Out Your Cellphone Number?

With ContactLink, you control each customer’s access to you individually. You can limit someone’s access to email only, or block them completely. You also get to set weekday and weekend Do Not Disturb hours, setting rules that apply to everyone.

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