End the Inbox Anxiety

ContactLink puts all your inbound calls, chats and messages in one place – free from robocalls and spam.

Your friendly link will bring in more new clients.  And our team can make sure they get a quick response, every time.

“With ContactLink my customers know they can reach me directly—and I can leave my phone on all the time knowing I’m only getting the communications that count.”

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Antoni Deighton

Never Drop the Ball

You never know when a potential client will call or drop into your inbox during a busy workday.


With ContactLink, there’s always someone to watch your inbox and respond quickly to new messages. 

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“Working in technology, I’ve gotten used to apps and communication tools that are so much better than phone and email. ContactLink puts all those features in a simple link you can send to anyone.”
—Sara Gifford, Founder of ActiVote

Book More Meetings

ContactLink puts everything in one place, turning phone & email chaos into a pipeline for new client meetings.  

Our team can reply quickly and suggest a meeting time. Instead of chasing messages, you can spend your time on new client meetings. 

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“The problem with calendar links and Zoom meetings is that you have to go back to phone & email in between the meetings! ContactLink gives you one place for everything, so you don’t have to switch back and forth.”
—Xavier Coiffard, Founder of PipeSocial

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You’re in Control

ContactLink lets our team keep the conversation moving while keeping you in the loop.


You can see each conversation unfold in real-time, and step in anytime with a call or message.

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“Video calls and video messages are a great upgrade over phone calls and voicemails. ContactLink gives me a tool to speed up client communications and build relationships faster.”
—Shane Luttrell, Founder of HatchPoint

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