Your calendar link can't do this

You don’t have to call, text or email leads back anymore.    Our AI chats with your inbound and turns everything into booked meetings on your calendar.  

From a link or widget you can put anywhere —->

Our built-in AI assistant books the appointment, and handles reschedules and cancellations too.   



Our Happy Customers

One conversation with all the answers

ContactLink puts the whole conversation at one unique link, including the email & text messages, attachments and meeting transcripts.  

Your customers can ask the AI and get specific, accurate answers – based on the documents you sent and what you said in messages and meetings.  

When buyers can get answers this way, you’ll have a lot less email to answer – and make the sale quicker.  

“Video calls and video messages are a great upgrade over phone calls and voicemails. ContactLink gives me a tool to speed up client communications and build relationships faster.”

Shane Luttrell

Meeting prep?
Not anymore

The whole conversation history – messages, attachments, transcripts – is in the meeting room automatically.  

 You don’t have to look in 3 inboxes to make sure you’re ready.  You don’t have to re-send attachments before the meeting.  You don’t have to check your CRM.  

Just show up and rock the meeting —->

Our meeting room includes BAMFAM – so you can ask prospects to book the next meeting right here in the meeting room.  


Get Started Free & Easy

In just a few minutes, you can create your link, add a profile photo or video, and start using it!  It’s free and no credit card required.   Video messages included —>



Upgrade to a Pro subscription to add the AI features, robust phone & email features, and our integrations with your calendar, CRM and other tools. 

Sara Gifford Portrait

“Working in technology, I’ve gotten used to apps and communication tools that are so much better than phone and email. ContactLink puts all those features in a simple link you can send to anyone.”
—Sara Gifford, Founder of ActiVote

Video Message

It’s all in one

You don’t need separate tools for your contact form, calendar link, video meetings, business phone & text, live chat, and team collaboration. 


It’s all-in-one with ContactLink.  Everything you and your team need to communicate with clients in one place. 

portrait of Shane

“ContactLink gives me a tool to speed up client communications and build relationships faster.”
—Shane Luttrell, Founder of HatchPoint

Share with your team

When you share contacts and conversations, anyone on your team can call or text a customer from any smartphone or computer. 

Whether your team is all in one office, or spread around the world – use ContactLink to get everyone on the same page and responding to clients. 

portrait of Xavier

“The problem with calendar links and Zoom meetings is that you have to go back to phone & email in between the meetings! ContactLink gives you one place for everything, so you don’t have to switch back and forth.”
—Xavier Coiffard, Founder of PipeSocial

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