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One Inbox & Phone -
SPAM & Robocall Free

Give people your best contact info - give them a ContactLink! They can video call you, leave a video message, or send you an instant message. You get traditional phone calling, email and texting also - without the spam and bots.

42 billion

robocalls placed
nationwide in 2020


emails sent are spam

1.5 billion

spam emails sent daily

$20.5 billion

spam related costs
to businesses in the US.

Don’t Mix Friends with
SPAM & Robocalls

When you give someone a phone number, they have to compete with all the robocalls and robotext messages. When you give them an email address, their email might wind up in your junk folder. Give them a link instead! Their calls and messages will arrive securely in the ContactLink app.

No Setup — It Just Works
Immediate access when you’re invited

Upgrade to a Video Call

Have a video call with anyone you want – they don’t have to have a special app installed, or have the same kind of smartphone as you. They can join the meeting with one click, no downloads. It just works!

Example view of a video call
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Use a barcode to get anyone's contactlink
Use a barcode to get anyone's contactlink

Give out Links in Person

When you meet someone in person, open the ContactLink App and put in their name. ContactLink creates a QR Code on your smartphone screen. The other person can point their smartphone camera at the QR Code and click the link that appears on their screen. It’s fast, accurate and private.

Conversation History in One Place

Stop looking in three or four places to see the last message, email or phone call. In ContactLink, your conversation history with someone is all in one place, so it’s easy to find.

Graphic, Message History
Graphic, Contact Settings

Privacy When You Need It

With ContactLink, you control each person’s access to you. Need to stop someone from calling you? You can turn off calls, while still allowing text messages and emails. Or, block them completely. They never had your phone number or email address!

ContactLink is great for privacy

Added Robocall & Spam protection.

Dedicated Number

Grab a dedicated phone number or transfer your existing number to ContactLink!

Dedicated Call Options

Friends and family can reach you directly,
but companies go to voicemail.

Dedicated Email Address

Get a dedicated email address screened by ContactLink to keep SPAM out of your inbox.

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