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Chat without being on call

Other chat systems expect you to drop everything to answer the chat request. But you're not a robot, and you're not a receptionist. ContactLink gets that.

With ContactLink, clients know they've reached you, explained their problem and gotten on your calendar. Even before you respond, clients know they've successfully connected with you.

That's when they stop shopping around and focus on solving their problem with you. That's how you win more clients.

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Start a chat
from anywhere

Put your ContactLink in your email signature, just like a calendar link. Put it on your LinkedIn or social profile. Put your ContactLink on your business card with a QR code.

When a prospects fills out your Contact Us page, we can automatically create a conversation with you, and put it on their screen as the next step.

ContactLink includes a chat widget for your website, and we can automatically start a conversation from anywhere in your funnel with a Zapier integration.

Have better conversations

Imagine knowing every message between you and your clients is gauranteed to arrive instantly. With attachments. And knowing exactly when they saw your message.

Imagine moving seamlessly from an instant message into a call or video meeting, or scheduling one for later. Having every message, attachment, and call in one place.

You can stop worrying about whether that email arrived. Or whether they listened to that voicemail. Our technology enables better conversations.

The simplest way to talk to your clients

A link to more than just meetings

It's all-in-one

Messages you send in the chat are copied to their text messages and email. Their phone rings when you call them from the chat. Your clients get messages at all their usual places, with no need to keep the chat window open.

When they reply by text or email, a copy goes into the chat conversation. If they call and leave a voicemail, it's right there in the chat. Everything is organized and easy, no matter how they send calls and messages.

Conversations that keep going

Traditional chats are over as soon as you close the browser window. ContactLink conversations continue as long as you and the client are working together.

You can see the latest instant message, and search for an attachment from last year - all in the same conversation. Each conversation is a complete record of everything you've talked about, that both people can see.

Unlimited Monthly Plan

Pricing: $29 per month

Learn how ContactLink fits into your business during your personalized demo & 14 day free trial.

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Loved by Real People

“Working in technology, I've gotten used to apps and communication tools that are so much better than phone and email. ContactLink puts all those features in a simple link you can send to anyone.”
Sara Gifford, Co-Founder of ActiVote
“If you want to make it easy for your prospects to reach you, try ContactLink. It cleverly combines a scheduling link with video calls and instant messaging, all in one place."
Harris Kenny, Founder of Intro
“The problem with calendar links and Zoom meetings is that you have to go back to phone & email in between the meetings! ContactLink gives you one place for everything, so you don't have to switch back and forth."
Xavier Coiffard, Founder of PipeSocial
“Video calls and video messages are a great upgrade over phone calls and voicemails. ContactLink gives me a tool to speed up client communications and build relationships faster. "
Shane Luttrell, Founder of HatchPoint

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