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How it works

Let them engage while they're scheduling

When new prospects are booking meetings, they have lots of questions. They're ready to engage. ContactLink gets you ahead of the competition, starting the conversation immediately.

They can ask a quick question, send you a detailed email, securely upload a file, or call. You can leave them a video message and show you're ready to earn their business.

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Solve questions & objections

ContactLink is how you handle every question or objection that would keep your prospect from showing up to the meeting. You're already in a conversation, so it's natural.

You can also look up their company and needs - and let them know they're a good fit. That's how you give them the confidence to invest their time in the meeting.

Establish a human connection

It's easy to cancel or no-show a meeting when they haven't seen your face or gotten any answers.

But when you've sent a video message, answered a question or done a quick video call - now they see the person behind the meeting on their calendar.

Even better, do a small amount of prep work and share it with them - showing you've researched their company and their needs. It really works!

Make reschedules happen

Rescheduling a meeting when there's no conversation is very fragile. The momentum is lost.

ContactLink makes rescheduling a normal part of the ongoing conversation. Send them a message asking if Tuesday is better, or Thursday?

Send a text asking if they are still looking for a solution. Send a video message saying you have found some great options and can't wait to share.

Agenda & follow-up
stay organized

Traditional calendar links don't keep you organized. Agendas, follow-ups and messages are somewhere else.

ContactLink puts all the communications into the same conversation where you have the video meetings. The agenda you sent before the meeting? The attachments?

It's all right there. You won't waste valuable meeting time trying to find the information you need.

Unlimited Monthly Plan

Pricing: $29 per month

Learn how ContactLink fits into your business during your personalized demo & 14 day free trial.

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Never miss a call or message

“For years I turned off notifications on my phone and text messages so I could be more productive at work. The thing is, I was also missing important business calls, which was costing me money.

With ContactLink my customers know they can reach me directly––and I can leave my phone on all the time knowing I'm only getting the communications that count.”

Antoni Deighton, CEO of FlightRepublic

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