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You don't need 10 tools

You don't need to set up separate products for chat, video chat, online meetings, CRM, appointment scheduling,  phone, text and voicemail - and then try to manage all those inboxes.

ContactLink puts everything into in one easy-to-use package. It includes auto-responses and free access for your assistant, so you can engage clients even when you're busy.

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Loved by Real People

“Working in technology, I've gotten used to apps and communication tools that are so much better than phone and email. ContactLink puts all those features in a simple link you can send to anyone.”
Sara Gifford, Co-Founder of ActiVote
“If you want to make it easy for your prospects to reach you, try ContactLink. It cleverly combines a scheduling link with video calls and instant messaging, all in one place."
Harris Kenny, Founder of Intro
“The problem with calendar links and Zoom meetings is that you have to go back to phone & email in between the meetings! ContactLink gives you one place for everything, so you don't have to switch back and forth."
Xavier Coiffard, Founder of PipeSocial
“Video calls and video messages are a great upgrade over phone calls and voicemails. ContactLink gives me a tool to speed up client communications and build relationships faster. "
Shane Luttrell, Founder of HatchPoint

The simplest way to talk to your customers

A link to more than just meetings

Designed for professionals

ContactLink sends unknown calls, texts and emails to a special inbox - so you aren't interrupted by unwanted calls & emails.

But ContactLink makes you fast and easy to reach for real clients and prospects - so you can respond faster and win the client.

Customers won't buy from a chat-bot or a receptionist. What matters is how quickly they can talk to an expert like you!

Unlimited Monthly Plan

Pricing: $29 per month

Learn how ContactLink fits into your  business during your personalized demo & 14 day free trial.

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Integrates with your sales tools

ContactLink integrates with your sales, marketing and CRM tools, so you don't have to give up anything that's working today.

Create a new contact in your email system the instant a visitor sends you a chat message. Put the contact into your CRM for outbound calls.

Our Zapier and Webhook integrations let you connect ContactLink to all your other tools.

Never Miss a Call or Message

“For years I turned off notifications on my phone and text messages so I could be more productive at work. The thing is, I was also missing important business calls, which was costing me money.

With ContactLink my customers know they can reach me directly––and I can leave my phone on all the time knowing I'm only getting the communications that count.”

Antoni Deighton, CEO of FlightRepublic

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